Mental & Emotional Health

The University is committed to promoting and supporting the health and well-being of its community by offering faculty, staff and their dependents high quality, accessible mental and emotional health resources and creating and fostering a healthy workplace culture. MHealthy’s Mental & Emotional Health Program works to raise awareness about mental and emotional health issues and educate all University employees about the rich bank of coordinated services and programs available at U-M and the community that can help them effectively manage their mental health and emotional well-being.

We all need help managing the ups and downs of life every once in a while. Being aware and taking care of your mental and emotional health needs can help you better understand yourself (and others!) and feel your best.

How are you doing today?

As you navigate life’s ups and downs, it is wise to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, your energy level, and your overall mood. Whether you are struggling, surviving, or thriving, there are things you can do for yourself and there is always support available to help you. No matter where you are on this continuum today, know that everyone can grow, and thrive!

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"If you yourself are at peace, then there is at least some peace in the world."

—Thomas Merton