Spouses and Other Qualified Adults

Move More

Eat Smarter

Manage Weight

Stress Less

Manage Back Pain

Be Tobacco Free

Manage Alcohol

StayWell® Health Management Resources and Programs

U-M partners with StayWell® Health Management, a national provider of health improvement services, to offer the following health and well-being programs:

  • StayWell Health Questionnaire – coming in January 2015
  • StayWell Online Healthy Living Programs
    Log in using your StayWell User ID and StayWell password. If this is your first visit to their website, then click on the Register Now button. Once you are on the main page, look to the left of the screen and select "Healthy Living Programs." Continue through and select the program which you want to begin.

Resources for U-M Health Plan Enrolled Spouses/OQAs

* Spouses and other qualified adults enrolled in a U-M health plan who participate in an eligible health and well-being program can enter the November MHealthy Grand Prize Drawing for a chance to win one of six $500 American Express gift cards! Learn more ...